What to exspect

What to expect



Where do we sit?

: The Covent Garden Dance Company creates a 430 seat dinner-theatre
within the stunning 17th Century walled Dutch Garden at Hatch House. If
you have booked a party (a lot of people do) then you will be sat at tables of
ten (up to 12), however single tickets and multiples thereof can and are
booked. We make great efforts to try to seat everyone with care and
attention and in 8 years we have only had to move someone once. We
encourage a friendly and warm atmosphere and many friendships and even
the occasional relationship has had its genesis at Hatch.

Where does the show take place and is it all covered?

: Everything takes place in the Walled Garden. You stay at your tables and
watch everything from your seat. The stage is raised (1m) and is 16m
across and 5m deep. The stage and the dining areas are both covered by
large roof in the walled garden.

What time does it start/finish?

: Gardens open at 6pm each evening. Guests generally arrive at 6pm-
6:30pm and are greeted with welcome glass of champagne where they take
in the views from the upper lawns before being shown by hostesses to their
tables at around 7pm. Your starter will be on the table when you seat.

After the starter at around 7:30pm the director of Covent Garden Dance
introduces the first section of performance which comprises of four short
works (classical/neo classical and contemporary), each work lasting
between 3-7mins. After the first section of performance the starter is
cleared, and the main course is served.

After this course the company performs the second section of work and
again after the desert. Each section of performance lasts around 20mins.

The show and dinner finishes around 11pm and guests are invited to join
the director and artists for drinks in the cocktail lounge for post-show drinks
and music/dancing.

The Champagne Cocktail Lounge shuts around 1am. Gardens shut at 1:30am.
The tickets are all-inclusive of welcome drink, dinner with wines and all